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Wokingham primary schools promoting New Age guff?

I was a little surprised yesterday to receive a promotional flyer for some “NLP4Parents” Neuro-Liguistic Programming workshops soon to be held in and around Wokingham. It came as an attachment to this week’s email newsletter from my child’s primary school, apparently at the request of Wokingham Borough Council.

I’m no psychologist but I’ve been aware for some time of the dim view that psychologists and neuroscientists have of NLP. It appears to be wholly unsupported by the scientific evidence or modern psychological theories, and the fact that it appears to be favoured by proponents of even wackier New Age nonsense should ring alarm bells.

I won’t say more as it’s not my field, but this post by neurologist Steven Novella is well work a read.

I would rather the school and Wokingham BC took no part in promoting such pseudo-science. I have emailed the school asking who at Wokingham BC asked the school to distribute this material. I will post again when I have found out more.