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The Rationalist Association and our good friend Alom Shaha have recently launched The Apostasy Project, a worthy initiative to provide guidance and support to those losing their religion.

Alom came to Reading SitP last year and spoke about his experiences as an atheist within a Bangladeshi Muslim community. Another of our recent speakers, Jonny Scaramanga, tells of his difficulties leaving Christian Fundamentalism.

“For me the fundamentalist experience was desperately lonely, but the secular one was even worse, because it involved leaving behind the few friends I did have. I would have been grateful for a place that combined a chance to make friends with a place to discuss important questions.”

I’d like to think that Skeptics In The Pub is such a place to make friends. But I’m under no illusion. People struggling in deeply religious communities, where admitting one’s lack of faith means estrangement from family and friends, need more support than a monthly gathering of geeks in a pub can provide.

So while I hope that we at SitP will continue to help in our own small way, I’ll also be making a donation to the Apostasy Project. I hope you will too.