Coming soon to Reading, a new (hopefully regular) event.

PubhD is a chance to hear about the latest in academic research from those on the front line. Each meeting we invite three PhD candidates in diverse fields to explain their work to a pub audience.

Keep an eye on this page or follow @_PubhD_Rdg on Twitter for news of upcoming PubhD events.

If you are a PhD, EngD or EdD student, or post-doc (or involved in any research that you can talk about), and are interested in explaining your work to a lay audience in exchange for a pint or two, please get in touch.

Here is the proposed format, shamelessly cribbed from the original PubhD in Nottingham.

  • Each guest speaker will have 10 minutes to talk about their PhD, followed by up to 20 minutes of questions.
  • We will provide coloured pens and a whiteboard or flipchart for the speakers’ use, but there is no PowerPoint. We know this will be a challenge for some but we want talks, not slideshows. (See here for the whole should-we-shouldn’t-we debate).
  • In keeping with the relaxed and informal nature of the evening, we will allow plenty of time between talks for chatting and fetching refills.

We’ll try it this way and see how things develop. Do let us know what you think.