Send The Geek Manifesto to Every MP

Our guest speaker at the next Reading Skeptics In The Pub is Mark Henderson, former science editor at the Times and now the Head of Communications at the Wellcome Trust.

Mark’s new book, The Geek Manifesto, is a call to arms for science geeks to get political and demand evidence-based policy. It has been getting great reviews and has sparked some interesting discussion on the aims of skepticism (see Tessa Kendall’s response to Nick Cohen), and I am looking forward to having some rare free time this coming weekend to finish reading it.

I was rather taken by this terrific idea by Dave Watts :

I will put a copy of the Geek Manifesto on every MP’s desk but only if 649 other people will help buy the books.

What a brilliant way to get the geek message across! I learned yesterday that if we can get 500 pledges then Mark’s publishers will donate the final 150 books, and we are well over the 100 mark already.

And so I urge you all, buy The Geek Manifestobuy a copy for your MP, and of course, come and hear Mark Henderson himself at Reading Skeptics In The Pub, at 7:30pm on Thursday 21st June.

Reading Skeptics In The Pub is a regular series of talks and lectures by prominent writers and thinkers, organised by Berkshire Skeptics Society. There is no need to book and admission is free, although we do invite donations to cover our expenses. Meetings are usually at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of each month at Copa, but arrangements do vary so please check the website.

UPDATE (31/5/12) : Mark posted on this blog yesterday that his publishers, Transworld Books, will now match every pledge, reducing the target to just 325.

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