Homeopathy awareness action in Wokingham

So our local quacks have invited “GP and homoeopath” Jayne Donegan to address a paying audience at Wokingham Town Hall next Wednesday, and our opposition has made the local paper.

We’ll be handing out information leaflets before the event, in the hope of countering what we believe will be an unreliable and irresponsible pro-homeopathy message from Dr Donegan. We could really do with some some support so please come along if you can.

We’re meeting at 6:30pm in the Red Lion, Wokingham. Do drop us a line to say you’re coming.

EDIT (16/3/12) : I recommend reading the comments on this story on the Wokingham Times website.

Skeptics' anger at homeopath GP's lecture
Wokingham Times, 7/3/12

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