Monthly Archives: November 2012

Calendar All The Things!

A few people have asked how to subscribe to our Skeptics In The Pub calendar, so I’ll post this here for future reference.

I’ll keep it generic, since these instructions work for all of the groups on, not just Reading.

Go to <your town>, right click on the Upcoming Events Events RSS Feed RSS icon in the top right and copy the URL. That’s the feed for Google Calendar updates.

You then have 2 options:

  • In Google Calendar, on the left-hand panel, click the drop-down by ‘Other calendars’ and select ‘Add by URL’. You then have full visibility of RSitP events on all your devices.

(I used to use this method a lot to keep track of what events neighbouring SitP groups were putting on. But as it doesn’t allow me to filter out events,my smartphone would tell me I had loads of simultaneous things to go to and I never knew where I was supposed to be.)

A better method, for me at least:

  • Paste the calendar updates feed URL into Google Reader (or your RSS Reader of choice). Then when notification of a new event arrives, click on it and you get the full event details, plus a drop-down box that you can use to copy it into your personal calendar. One downside here is that you may not get updates if the event changes.